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Croeso i Dosbarth Derbyn


Welcome to Reception. In Reception Miss Carroll is the class teacher and we have five wonderful teaching assistants to support the children with their learning; Mrs Massey, Mrs Heym, Mrs Jones, Miss Baskerville and Miss Hodgson. Mrs Heym, takes the class on a Wednesday whilst Miss Carroll has PPA time. 


Learning in Reception

All pupils in the Foundation Phase at Alexandra follow a skill based and play enriched curriculum. Pupils work towards a series of learning goals where learning is firmly set within the context of play and discovery, and where learning is experiential and active through child-led learning. The children undertake challenges set each week in a variety of areas, which they move freely between. Learning takes place in all areas, including the corridor and outdoor learning provisions, Nursery and Reception classrooms.  Activities are based around the children's interests and are carefully planned to encourage, motivate and inspire, empowering our pupils as confident learners.


Pupils are encouraged to move their learning on at an appropriate time, whilst being challenged to push their learning on through enhanced activities. Children will be taught the basic skills of literacy and numeracy through direct teaching within the classroom during whole class input, alongside daily Letters and Sounds sessions, Guided Reading sessions, Numbers and Patterns and Fast Maths teaching.


Themes for this year

We carefully plan learning opportunities based around the interests of the children. Each term we begin by introducing the children to a theme and provide them with the opportunity to express their interests and ideas further. Following this, we plan and develop skills through lines of inquiry suggested by the children. Listed below are our 'starting' points for each half term.


Autumn Term 1 - 'All About Me'  

Autumn Term 2 - Autumn

Spring Term 1 - Animals

Spring Term 2 - Wales

Summer Term 1 - Growth and Change

Summer term 2 - Fire and Water


To support our commitment to developing your children’s literacy and numeracy skills, the children will receive weekly homework tasks. We would very much appreciate your support in giving your children the best opportunity succeed. Every Friday the children will bring home a reading book with accompanying flashcards, handwriting, and a numeracy homework. 

Reading Book

Each week your child will choose a reading book that they would like to read with you. At this stage, your child will not be able to read independently, but will find enjoyment in shared reading with you.  This can be done over several days, reading a few pages each evening. Please write any comments about your child’s reading in their reading record.

Spelling and Cursive Handwriting

Each week the children will be sent home 3-5 graphemes to learn (written letters) and the corresponding phonemes (the sounds). As children progress they will also be sent home 3-5 new spellings to learn. To help your child learn their letters and sounds, they will have opportunities to copy each letter and word out in their handwriting book. Try to encourage your child to copy the style of my handwriting in the book. Children may find this tricky to begin with, please bear with it as it will get better! 


The maths worksheet sent home will relate directly to the focus maths work your child has been taught that week. Don’t worry if your child has not fully grasped the concept, they will have plenty of opportunities to further consolidate their learning in school. 



Letters & Sounds

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