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Year 2

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Croeso i Blwyddyn Dau

Welcome to Year 2. In Year 2 Mrs Smallwood is the class teacher and Miss Ali is the Classroom Assistant. We are also supported by Mrs Gauterin and Mrs Blagg intermittently throughout the day.  


Learning in Year 2

All pupils in the Foundation Phase at Alexandra follow a skill based and play enriched curriculum. 

The curriculum is planned and delivered in accordance with the requirements of the ‘Foundation Phase Framework for Children’s Learning for 3 to 7-year-olds in Wales’. The curriculum is based on seven areas of learning:

  • Personal & Social Development, Well Being and Cultural Diversity
  • Language Literacy and Communication Skills
  • Mathematical Development
  • Welsh Language Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development


The curriculum is delivered through a combination of experiential learning activities, set focused tasks and free play opportunities. The children are encouraged to develop and implement skills in a variety of contexts throughout their learning. At all times there is a profound focus on the development of literacy and numeracy skills. There is also a significant focus on developing children’s Information Technology skills, Welsh Language skills and an understanding of their Welsh heritage.


Learning predominantly takes place in the corridor and outdoor learning provisions, and activities are theme based and carefully planned to encourage, motivate and inspire, empowering our pupils as confident learners. Pupils are encouraged to move their learning on at an appropriate time, whilst being challenged to push their learning on through the enhanced activities. 


Themes for this year


Autumn Term 1– All Creatures Great and Small

Autumn 2 - Pirates and Princesses

Spring Term 1 - Fire and Water

Spring 2 - Heroes and Villians

Summer 1 - Africa

Summer 2 - The Olympics & Lets all on on a summer holiday

Our Learning Intentions - All Creatures Great and Small

Our Learning Intentions - All Creatures Great and Small 1
Our Learning Intentions - All Creatures Great and Small 2


To support our commitment to developing your children’s literacy and numeracy skills, the children will receive weekly homework tasks. We would very much appreciate your support in giving your children to best opportunity succeed. Every Friday the children will bring home a reading book with accompanying flashcards, and a numeracy homework. The numeracy homework may be an activity, a worksheet or a Mathletics game. Children also have a Spelling Log, where they are given a maximum of 5 High Frequency or Tricky Words each week that they practise at home. These are checked in school every Friday. If the child can successfully write the words independently, they will be issued with new words, if not the words will continue until the child can write it with confidence.


In school the children receive 20 minutes every day of intensive letters and sound teaching, which develops the children’s reading, writing and letter formations through learning the sounds of letter combinations. This is followed by 20 minutes of guided reading in a group. The books the children will bring home require the children to sound out the letters and blend them altogether to work out the word. 


The flashcards are to be used as often as the children are happy to do them, and accompany each book, rehearsing the words the children will encounter in the book.


The reading folders will be sent home every Friday and can be returned anytime the following week before Thursday if possible. It would be helpful if you could write a very short comment to inform us how your child got on with their homework. Even a happy/sad face is enough to indicate success. Please let us know if the book is too easy or too hard, and we will act accordingly.


Hopefully your children will be happy to share their progress with you as they become more fluent readers, but we really don’t want their homework to become a ‘battle’ for you. If the children don’t want to participate, don’t force them: we do enough reading within the school day to ensure that the children will make good progress. Any additional work the children do will only speed up this progress. All that we ask is that the reading books and flashcards are returned each week. 





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Alex's Dinosaur Adventures Movie

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