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Ysgol Alexandra

Useful Information for Parents

After School Club

The after school club provides a safe and caring environment for children from 3p.m. to 5.30p.m. The club charges reasonable rates for the provision of care and is very popular with the children and parent who use the facility. Further information and registration forms can be obtained from the school.


Collective Worship

Collective Worship plays an important role in creating a family ethos at school. As well as being a time when the moral, social and spiritual development of children takes place, Collective Worship allows opportunities for the celebration of the many successes achieved at school.


In accordance with school policy, there is an act of Collective Worship every day. At least twice a week this will take place as a whole school. On other occasions worship will be class or department based.


Alexandra is a broadly Christian School but opportunities are frequently taken to use stories, artefacts or visitors form other faiths to give positive moral, social and spiritual messages to our children.


Parents may ask for children to be withdrawn from acts of worship by contacting the school.


Home School Agreement

We feel that you as parents have the right to expect the following whilst your child is in our care.

  • Clean, orderly and pleasant surroundings
  • To be made aware of events well in advance
  • To feel confident that your child is in safe and caring hands
  • Fair and consistent discipline
  • Children to be taught according to the National Curriculum as laid down in law
  • An annual written progress report and opportunity to discuss this with staff
  • Opportunities during the year to meet your child's teacher
  • An understanding that all children are different and special that your child is given opportunities that allow him/her to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically
  • That your child is given opportunities to reach his/her potential.


In order for the school to meet your expectations we ask for your co-operation in various ways.


We ask that you ensure that your child

  • Attends school every day in accordance with the law
  • Arrives and is collected punctually
  • Is appropriately dressed and refreshed for the day
  • Has the correct money for meals etc.
  • Has appropriate P E clothing
  • Has appropriate equipment


We ask you to:

  • Inform the school of the reason for any absences; all absences must be accounted for
  • Send dinner money for the whole week on a Monday morning
  • Co-operate with us in disciplinary matters
  • Make sure that any homework is completed
  • Encourage your child to have a positive attitude towards work
  • Inform the school in writing if your child is unable to do PE
  • Label clothing and belongings so that if we find them we know who to give them back to
  • Pay for any deliberate damage



Positive behaviour is expected and encouraged at all times. High standards of behaviour enable teachers to teach and children to learn successfully. Alexandra School children behave superbly for the vast majority of the time. Occasionally, children will break rules for various reasons. The school has therefore developed a detailed policy outlining expectations, rewards for positive behaviour and sanctions for misdemeanours. School behaviour is based on three pillars of expectation, which the staff at Alexandra School developed and the children understand.


  1. We are ready
  2. We are safe
  3. We are respectful


Positive behaviour is praised at all times. The Headteacher awards certificates each week for outstanding work or behaviour. Privilege time is awarded, on a Friday afternoon, to children who have followed the school rules.

Negative inappropriate behaviour leads to consistent and fair sanctions. Sanctions are always related to one of the school rules as outlined in our policy.

The school policy is available to view on the school website or a copy can be requested from the school.


Child Protection

Alexandra school has a detailed child protection policy that fully meets with the ‘All Wales Child Protection Procedures’. Copies of the policy are available from school. All staff are trained in accordance with policy. All staff and volunteers are subject to an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check.


Equal Opportunities

Alexandra is committed to providing equal opportunity for all children whatever their age, ability, gender, race or background. As a school we work to incorporate Wrexham County Borough Council’s guidelines for Equal Opportunity into our practice and this policy is available for your inspection.



Please ensure that the school has any relevant information regarding the health requirements of your child. This information is vital in enabling us to provide the best level of care and support. Information should be clearly written on the Parental Information form when your child starts school. This information should relate to conditions such as asthma, allergies or other specific issues.


When medical conditions of a very serious nature arise we will meet with parents and health professionals to establish appropriate protocols.


As a general rule we do not administer medicines at school. Parents are welcome to visit the school if necessary during the day to give medicines. For conditions such as asthma it is essential that the correct medication is in school and readily available for the child to use.


During their time at school children will have contact with a range of health professionals. This may be as a result of a general screening programme e.g. eyesight or dental or as the result of a specific request form school.

The school nurse is available to assist with issues upon request and we are also able to access support for problems such as ‘head lice’. Head lice will be present in school from time to time. Please check your child’s hair regularly and contact the school if you require further support.


The following is a guide to timescales for well-known childhood illnesses.


Length of Time Away From School

Chicken Pox

7 days from appearance of rash

German Measles

4 days from appearance of rash


7 days from appearance of rash

Scarlet Fever

Until treated and well


7 days from disappearance of swelling

Whooping Cough

21 days from onset of spasmodic cough


Until treated and well

Infectious Jaundice

At least 7 days from onset of jaundice


Until treated and well


Parents And School

The following information is designed to help parents to get the most from school.

Bringing Children to and collecting children from school.

  • Foundation Phase children must be brought to school and collected by an appropriate adult. Children of this age must not be left unsupervised.
  • Junior aged children may walk to and from school unaccompanied at the discretion of parents. We suggest that they are accompanied until at least year 5.
  • Gates for children will be opened from 8.40 a.m. for a prompt 8.50 a.m. start. Children should not arrive before this time unless they are using breakfast club (see above).

Parents should only use the school car park to bring and collect children with special educational needs who require easy access. Parents must exercise extreme caution and be vigilant at all times. We encourage parents to use the paths surrounding school and to escort your child to the appropriate gate for their age group
. Never allow a child to be unaccompanied.


School Security

Your child's security is of paramount importance. The building has a security system that complies with fire regulations. Visitors or late arrivals must use the main entrance that is clearly marked at the front of the building where they will be asked to sign in. Please do not attempt to enter the building through any other door. If you do come into school during the day you must also leave by the front door.


Please note that it is absolutely forbidden for children to leave the school premises, during the school day, unless accompanied by an adult. If your child has an appointment during school hours please inform the Class teacher and collect the child from the main entrance school.

  • Alexandra School operates a no smoking policy
  • Dogs are not allowed on the premises


School Uniform

School uniform serves several very important purposes:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in belonging to the school family
  • Promotes a sense of identity
  • Promotes equality amongst learners
  • Removes problem with fashionable clothes
  • Can be purchased at a relatively low cost

For all of the reasons above, children at Alexandra School are expected to wear their uniform every day.


Boys/Girls Uniform

Winter: Grey school trousers, white shirt, Alexandra School tie, Alexandra School sweatshirt black school shoes.

Summer: Grey school trousers or tailored shorts, white polo shirt, Alexandra School sweatshirt black school shoes.

Winter: Grey school trousers or skirt, white shirt, Alexandra School tie, Alexandra School sweatshirt or cardigan, black school shoes.

Summer: Green ‘Gingham’ summer dress, school sweatshirt/cardigan or Grey school trousers or tailored shorts, white polo shirt, Alexandra School sweatshirt black school shoes.


P.E. Kit

Indoor: Plain white T-Shirt and plain black shorts, pumps or bare feet

Outdoor: Plain white T-Shirt and plain black shorts, sweatshirts and tracksuits are allowed during winter months and trainers should also be worn for outdoor sessions.



Should not be worn to school. Loss or damage to items can cause avoidable distress. In some cases jewellery can also cause injury.

Stud earrings are permitted as are watches (but not watches that receive or send messages, e.g. apple watches)


Sex Education

The school treats this sensitive issue respectfully. There is a school policy for Sex Education.

During their learning journey children’s understanding of Sex Education is gradually developed through studies in the foundation phase, (knowledge and understanding of the world), where they will study lifecycles and relationships. Within the Junior Department there is further work on lifecycles, relationships and reproduction as well as specific ‘Growing Up Talks’ for children at an appropriate point in their school life.


School Dinners

The school cook provides a varied and balanced menu. Our School dinner menu has played a big part in our award of Healthy Schools, and the children enjoy eating at Alexandra. From time to time we have special themed menus that fit in with an event we may be having in school at the time. In the past this has been a Harry Potter style meal and ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party.’ The children are given plenty of time to enjoy their dinner or sandwiches as well as eating in a comfortable and safe environment.

School dinners must be paid for in advance each Monday morning. We do not give credit and we do appreciate the correct money clearly labelled with the child's name

Prices for meals are currently:

  • Foundation Phase £2.35 per day or £11.75 per week
  • Juniors £2.40 per day or £12.00 per week


Menus are available from school.


Alternatively children may bring a packed lunch (no tins or glass bottles), or go home for lunch.

Children qualify for Free dinners if their parents are in receipt of Income Support and some other benefits. The housing department liaises directly with the local authority to identify those entitled to free school meals. If you are think that you may be entitled to free school meals please contact Wrexham County Borough Council at 16 Lord Street.