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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teachers at Alexandra

Teachers at Alexandra 1 Mrs L Roberts - Head teacher
Teachers at Alexandra 2 Mrs A Barry - Deputy Head teacher
Teachers at Alexandra 3 Mrs C Andrews - Wrexham Assessment Centre Leader
Teachers at Alexandra 4 Miss R Carroll - F Phase Leader, Dosbarth Oak
Teachers at Alexandra 5 Mr D Griffiths - KS2 Leader, Dosbarth Pine
Teachers at Alexandra 6 Mrs K Walker - ALNCO/ Inclusion Leader
Teachers at Alexandra 7 Mr J Painter - Dosbarth Catkin
Teachers at Alexandra 8 Mrs A Williams, Dosbarth Hazel
Teachers at Alexandra 9 Mrs L Edwards, Dosbarth Cedar
Teachers at Alexandra 10 Miss F Lowrie, Dosbarth Walnut
Teachers at Alexandra 11 Miss B Ffoulkes - Dosbarth Juniper
Teachers at Alexandra 12 Mrs M Goodwin - KS2 Unit - Dosbarth Elm
Teachers at Alexandra 13 Miss N Williams - Dosbarth Blossom
Teachers at Alexandra 14 Mrs K Mapletoft - Dosbarth Maple
Teachers at Alexandra 15 Mrs A Roberts - Dosbarth Maple
Teachers at Alexandra 16 Mr S Perry - Dosbarth Beech
Teachers at Alexandra 17 Mr W Brownhill - Dosbarth Elder
Teachers at Alexandra 18 Mr J Jones - Dosbarth Sycamore
Teachers at Alexandra 19 Mrs A Wheeler - Dosbarth Holly
Teachers at Alexandra 20 Miss C Noller - Dosbarth Willow
Teachers at Alexandra 21 Mrs B Curtis - Dosbarth Chestnut
Picture 1 Miss H Jones - PPA Teacher
Picture 2 Miss L Dodds - PPA Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs T Carlile - TA, Dosbarth Elm
Picture 4 Mrs T Pritchard - TA, Dosbarth Catkin
Picture 5 Mrs R Blagg - Inclusion team
Picture 6 Mrs L Richards - Inclusion team
Picture 7 Mrs A Warrener -TA, Dosbarth Holly
Picture 8 Mrs J Wooding - TA, Dosbarth Holly
Picture 9 Mrs M Povey - HLTA
Picture 10 Miss Sashi - School Secretary
Picture 11 Mrs J Hughes - Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 12 Mr S Evans - Caretaker
Picture 13 Mrs A Davies - PPA Teacher
Picture 14 Miss A Turner - Inclusion Team
Picture 15
Picture 16 Mrs D Davies - TA, Dosbarth Elder
Picture 17 Mrs E Pawlicka - TA, Dosbarth Walnut
Picture 18 Miss H Baskerville - Acorns and Conkers Supervisor
Picture 19 Mrs H Clapton - TA, Dosbarth Blossom
Picture 20 Miss B Barry - TA, Dosbarth Ash
Picture 21 Mrs J McCann- TA, Dosbarth Juniper
Picture 22 Mrs A Turnbull - TA, Dosbarth Juniper
Picture 23 Mrs J Roberts - TA, Dosbarth Beech
Picture 24 Mrs J Kavanagh - TA, Dosbarth Chestnut
Picture 25 Mrs J Jones, TA, Dosbarth Chestnut
Picture 26 Miss K Hindle, TA, Dosbarth Chestnut
Picture 27 Mrs K Hughes - TA, Dosbarth Chestnut
Picture 28 Miss K Humphreys - TA, Dosbarth Catkin
Picture 29 Mrs A Jones - TA, Dosbarth Maple
Picture 30 Mrs D Walker - TA, Dosbarth Hazel
Picture 31 Mrs H Bartlett - TA, Dosbarth Elm
Picture 32 Miss N Hodgson - TA, Dosbarth Oak
Picture 33 Mrs N Jackson - TA, Dosbarth Chestnut
Picture 34 Miss R Jones - TA WAC Unit
Picture 35 Mrs T Brown - TA, Dosbarth Sycamore
Picture 36 Mrs T Massey - HLTA, Dosbarth Juniper

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1