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Welcome to Wrexham Assessment Centre

A message from everyone at Wrexham Assessment Centre.

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What do we do?


The Assessment Centre is a highly specialised resource centre that provides placements for 3-7 year olds.


The Centre assesses children's additional learning needs whilst developing their skills through a suitably differentiated Foundation Phase Curriculum. Most children remain in the Assessment Centre for a short period of time only, depending on the individual needs of the child. Some children attend on a part-time basis. The aim of the Assessment Centre is to identify children’s individual needs and identify educational provision to meet those needs.

The centre works very closely with parents and other professionals/agencies that are providing support for a child, for example Speech and Laguage Therapy Services, Physiotherapy Services, Pre-School Development Team etc..


The centre provides advice and support to other schools. The staff also work in partnership with teachers from other schools to facilitate children’s inclusion into their local school if appropriate. Other children move on to designated placements usually attached to mainstream schools elsewhere in Wrexham. Occasionally, children will require more specialised placement following their period of assessment.

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March 2021

I hope you are all safe and well. It is fantastic to have our children back in school, everyone is settling back into class brilliantly!
Thank you so very much for the wonderful photographs you have sent in of things you and your child have done. While school was closed it was fantastic to see your child’s face during our Google Classroom Meet live sessions and the lovely Dojo messages and chats on the telephone staff were having with parents.
Please remember we are currently in an unprecedented situation and things are incredibly difficult for everyone. Everyone’s safety and happiness is our top priority.

Hopefully school will remain open but just in case school has a Covid19 related closure we will continue to post weekly Blended Learning Grids on Google Classroom and if we do need to close our Google Classroom Live Meet Sessions will start up again.
If you have accessed Google Classroom and had a go at some of the activities or watched the videos that is great, but if you haven't that is absolutely fine too.
If you have collected a paper Home Learning pack from school and had a go at some of the activities that is great but if you haven't that is absolutely fine too.
If you have joined in our live Google Classroom Meet sessions that is great, but if you haven't that is fine too.
We know that working on a toileting plan, tasting a new food, establishing part of a new routine, learning a new word or Makaton sign or using symbols on their visual schedule, sitting still and being interested in something or any one of a million different things each day is a huge step forward in our children’s development. Our priority is that you and your child are safe and happy.
Please remember to go easy on yourself. Do something you and your child enjoy doing together. Have fun and follow your child’s lead of things they want to do. Go for a walk, jump on the trampoline, play on the IPad/tablet/phone/device, watch a favourite film or anything that makes each day a little easier. You know your child best and you know when they are ready to do something or not during the day.
Please do not worry about Blended Learning, or that your child is falling behind and needs to learn. All your child needs to do is to be safe and happy and all they need to do that is you!
All we ask is that you check in with us on Dojo or answer the telephone if we ring and maybe send us some photographs of what your child has been doing to keep busy, or of them doing something they have enjoyed, or of their favourite thing - everything else is a wonderful bonus.
We are here to support your child’s development and will do everything we can to help. Please contact us if you need anything at all. We will continue to provide learning activities, videos and live sessions on Google Classroom and be available on ClassDojo.
Mrs Andrews











                  Blended Learning


Please see Google Classroom, Bug Club and Class Dojo for your child's Blended Learning Tasks.

Details (days and times) of our Google Classroom Live Meet sessions will be shared with you on Class Pages, Google Classroom and ClassDojo.

Home Learning Packs

For individual class Blended Learning Information, please look on each individual class page and each Google Classroom page

                     Lockdown 2020 Memories

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Information regarding the ALN Act

ALN Letter sent to parents February 2021