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Ysgol Alexandra

Curriculum for Alexandra / Cwricwlwm

Rationale Executive Summary

Here you will find our 'One Page Executive Summary' of our curriculum rationale. We created this infographic as a snapshot, which captures what we're all about at Ysgol Alexandra. Click on the PDF link below to take a clearer look. 

Curriculum Rationale Document

At Ysgol Alexandra we acknowledge that children learn in different ways, through a variety of experiences, and we therefore recognise the need to develop strategies that allow all our children to learn in ways that best suit them.


Teaching and Learning is central to life at Ysgol Alexandra. The quality of teaching has the greatest impact on our children’s learning and the progress they make at school.


Our principle aim is to develop children’s skills, knowledge and understanding through a structured developmental and progressive continuum, taking account of their learning needs and allowing for spontaneous developmental opportunities when they arise.


Please click on the PDF link below to read our Curriculum Rationale Document.

A New Curriculum for Wales

From September 2022, the way children and young people learn in schools will change, to prepare them better for a changing world. Schools will create their own curricula within a national framework, adapting the content to make it more relevant and meaningful to their learners.