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February 2020 


A very exciting start to this month as we have recruited our new 2020 Digital Leaders. We had a HUGE response to our recruitment process receiving over 60 applications. The standard of applications were fantastic making it very hard to short list just 8 candidates. After lots of deliberation between Miss Pope and lot's of other staff we ended up shorting listing 10 successful candidates who we are looking forward to welcoming them to our first meeting on Wednesday 5th February. 


Challenge 1 begins! 

Today we had our first Digital Leaders meeting and were set our first challenge to create a vision for the next year. After lots of group discussion and sharing ideas we have created our own Digital Leader 2020-2021 vision. Take a look: 








March 2020 


Challenge 2 


This month we have been set challenge 2, to raise awareness of Digital Leader's across school. We have come up with a number of tasks we want to do over the next few weeks in order to complete our challenge. These include creating lanyards so people know who we are, planning and presenting an assembly to introduce ourselves, creating a display and making ourselves known on the schools social media accounts. 


Creating our Lanyards 


Today we used publisher to create our own badges for our lanyards as well as creating our own avatars. We are hoping lanyards will help people recognise who we are and will make us stand out!