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Ysgol Alexandra

Find out what we have been up to

April 2022 

This month we are focusing on developing our new 'Digital Library'. We are undergoing the BIG task of renovating our KS2 library into a digital hub and library which all of the children can use to read, research and enjoy! 

We spent our weekly meeting moving all of the old books to create space for new equipment and books. 

We have lots of work to do but watch this space!! 


February 2022 

Our first project this month has been Safer Internet 2022. To promote SID around our school we ran a competition where classes had to create an online safety mascot to represent each of the following areas privacy, gaming, online bullying and managing screen time. Take a look at our video to promote our competition:

In our next meeting we are going to be looking at all of the entries and choosing 4 mascots which will be used around our school to promote online safety. 


It was great to see SID 2022 being celebrated across school, take a look at what some classes got up to: 

In our meeting today we had the big task of judging the mascot competition. All of the entries we had were amazing which made our job even harder but we finally came to a decision. Our winners were announced in this weeks celebration assembly - we hope you enjoy your prizes. Take a look at the winners for each area which have now been made into digital drawings and will be used around our school to promote online safety: 



January 2022

We are now back to meeting weekly, which is great! We have spent some time re-looking at our vision and creating an action plan which are going to work on from now until the Summer Term. We are super excited to get started on some new projects with our first project being 'Safer Internet Day 2022'. We are going to be promoting the day and organising some fun activities for the whole school to do, keep an eye to see what we get up to. 



In our meeting this week we carefully reviewed all of the application forms we received from potential new candidates for our team. We had over 35 applications and the standard was extremely high. After lots of deliberation we selected 4 new members, we are really excited to welcome them to the team and get started on some of our exciting projects. 

Congratulations to Amelia, Natalia, William and Josh. 



Action Plan: 

Take a look at our Action Plan which we are going to be working on from now until Summer Term. We are looking forward to working on some new projects. 


October 2021 


Our Vision

We have now created our vision for until the end of this year. We have lot's of exciting things we would like to get done over the next few terms so watch this space for what we get up to. 

September 2021 



It is that time of year again to recruit some new members to our team. Application forms have gone out to all of KS2 children who are interesting in joining. We are looking forward to reading through the completed applications and selecting 3 new members in our next meeting. Good Luck everyone :) 

October 2020 


Bug Club 

Our school have started using a new app called 'Bug Club', this is an online app which our Teachers can set us our reading books on. As we have never used this before Mrs Edwards and Mrs Walker asked us if we would be able to create an instruction video to be sent out to parents and children to help them use it. 

First we started off by trialing Bug Club and learning how to use it, this was very exciting as we got a sneak preview before anyone else! 

Once we knew how to use it we spent time planning out what we thought our video should include and how we were going to film and edit it. 

We then worked together to produce the video before handing it over to our editors Bekir and Ruby for them to put it all together for us. 

We are extremely proud of the video we made and we have had lots of positive feedback from staff and parents. 

Take a look at our video: 

Bug Club Introduction

Still image for this video

September 2020 


Lots of plans had to be put on hold due to lockdown but we are now back meeting weekly. We have had a super busy month getting back into the swing of being back in school and we have already achieved lots. 


Introduction Presentation: 

Due to the current bubbles we have in school we couldn't run our assembly in the hall the way we wanted to but this didn't stop us. We created our own Google Slides, with each member of the team being responsible for a slide which was then sent out to all Teachers for them to show their class. The purpose of our presentation was to introduce ourselves and make sure everyone knows our roles and what we are planning to do in the year ahead. 

New Members: 

We have decided to keep our Digital Leaders team the same this year as we didn't get to finish the whole year but we wanted to give the new Year 3s the opportunity to join our team. We had lots of interest and received over 20 application forms. We spent our weekly meeting reading all of the applications before holding a vote. 

Congratulations to Mary-Jane our newest member of the team, we are really looking forward to having a new member in the team. 


March 2020 


Challenge 2 


This month we have been set challenge 2, to raise awareness of Digital Leader's across school. We have come up with a number of tasks we want to do over the next few weeks in order to complete our challenge. These include creating lanyards so people know who we are, planning and presenting an assembly to introduce ourselves, creating a display and making ourselves known on the schools social media accounts. 


Creating our Lanyards 


Today we used publisher to create our own badges for our lanyards as well as creating our own avatars. We are hoping lanyards will help people recognise who we are and will make us stand out! 


February 2020 


A very exciting start to this month as we have recruited our new 2020 Digital Leaders. We had a HUGE response to our recruitment process receiving over 60 applications. The standard of applications were fantastic making it very hard to short list just 8 candidates. After lots of deliberation between Miss Pope and lot's of other staff we ended up shorting listing 10 successful candidates who we are looking forward to welcoming them to our first meeting on Wednesday 5th February. 


Challenge 1 begins! 

Today we had our first Digital Leaders meeting and were set our first challenge to create a vision for the next year. After lots of group discussion and sharing ideas we have created our own Digital Leader 2020-2021 vision. Take a look: