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Dosbarth Holly

Welcome to Dosbarth Holly's class page

This page contains lots of useful information for parents and will be updated regularly

Homework Grids

Chinese New Year Blended Learning Grid 22nd-26th February
Blended Learning during School Closures in Lockdown
How do I get on my child's Google Classroom to see the tasks they can do each day?
How do I get on my child's Google Classroom Live Meet sessions for live teaching?

Click on the link in the Dosbarth Holly Google Classroom page on

Monday at 2pm


Thursday at 11am

to join live sessions.

Dear Parents, 
As we start
week 5 of home learning I just want you all to know that you are doing an amazing job in incredibly difficult circumstances. This week is Children's Mental Health Week. We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and both children's and adults mental health is essential. Therefore I just wanted to reiterate the message I have previously sent out.
Thank you so very much for the wonderful photographs you are sending in of things you and your child have done. It has been fantastic to see your child’s face during our Google Classroom Meet live sessions and the lovely Dojo messages and chats on the telephone staff are having with parents.
But please remember we are currently in an unprecedented situation and things are incredibly difficult for everyone. Everyone’s safety and happiness is our top priority:
If you access Google Classroom and have a go at some of the activities or watch the videos that is great, but if you don’t that is absolutely fine too.
If you collect a paper Home Learning pack from school and have a go at some of the activities that is great but if you don’t that is absolutely fine too.
If you can join in our live Google Classroom Meet sessions that is great, but if you can’t that is fine too.
We know that working on a toileting plan, tasting a new food, establishing part of a new routine, learning a new word or Makaton sign or using symbols on their visual schedule, sitting still and being interested in something or any one of a million different things each day is a huge step forward in our children’s development. Our priority is that you and your child are safe and happy.
Please remember to go easy on yourself. Do something you and your child enjoy doing together. Have fun and follow your child’s lead of things they want to do. Go for a walk, jump on the trampoline, play on the IPad/tablet/phone/device, watch a favourite film or anything that makes each day a little easier. You know your child best and you know when they are ready to do something or not during the day.
Please do not worry about home learning, or that your child is falling behind and needs to learn. All your child needs to do is to be safe and happy and all they need to do that is you!
All we ask is that you check in with us on Dojo or answer the telephone if we ring and maybe send us some photographs of what your child has been doing to keep busy, or of them doing something they have enjoyed, or of their favourite thing - everything else is a wonderful bonus.
We are here to support your child’s development and will do everything we can to help. Please contact us if you need anything at all. We will continue to provide learning activities, videos and live sessions on Google Classroom and be available on ClassDojo.
We hope to be back in school as soon as it is safe to do so.
Mrs Andrews