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Dosbarth Willow

Picture 1 Miss C. Noller - Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs C. Andrews - Class Teacher
Picture 3 Miss B. Barry - L4 Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs H. Williams - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Miss R. Jones - Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Mrs C. Parry - Teaching Assistant

In Dosbarth Willow, Miss Noller is the class teacher. Mrs Williams, Miss Jones, Mrs Parry and Miss Kelly are the teaching assistants and Miss Barry is our L4 teaching assistant. Mrs Andrews teaches Dosbarth Willow two days a week..

Home Learning Grids

At Ysgol Alexandra we have developed a Home Learning Grid for you and your children through the COVID-19 situation. It is a natural concern, whenever a school closes down, that a child's educational development may be disrupted. Our Home Learning Grids have been created with the goal of encouraging collaborative learning and allowing parents to support their children adeptly. They do not require parents, or indeed any adult, to have a breadth of curricular knowledge - the grids simply cover content from previous lessons that children will already have some understanding of. We have included links to websites that have free resources available to help you.

If you have any questions or queries please contact your class teacher.