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Ysgol Alexandra

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Faint o'r gloch Mr Blaidd?

A game to help you practise the time and numbers. This game is best played outside, this is the inside version where whoever gets tagged by Mr Blaidd is on next. However if you play outside whoever gets tagged before getting back to base (the line they start on) is out. The language different would just be...

Instead of 'tro ti' you would say their name and ti allan (for example, Skyler ti allan).

Faint o'r Gloch Mr Blaidd.mp4

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Y gêm rhif

A game to help you practise your numbers. For children just starting to learn you could start with numbers 1-5. When you can recite numbers up to 10 could you try 20? Or the ultimate challenge... 100! 

Y Gem Rhif.mp4

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A game that can be used to practise any topic language that you have been working on (it's a bit like Pictionary). Here is an overview of the language your Helpwr Heddiw (and class) should be using.


Pawb yn barod? Barod

Y topic yw _______ (this is where Helpwr Heddiw puts in what topic the picture is going to be from, bwyd, teimladau, tywydd, gwisgo)

***Helpwr Heddiw draws their picture***

Edrychwch ar y bwrdd

Dwylo y fyny

***Helpwr Heddiw asks children and children to respond***

Pawb yn cytuno? cytuno / anghytuno

Da iawn _______ tro ti!


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This is a game that can be based on your current topic. The aim of the game is to eliminate as many pupils as possible and be the last pupil standing. The more extended their answer is the more steps that they can get. Be warned, it can get very competitive!


Pawb yn barod? Barod

Y topic yw _______ (this is where Helpwr Heddiw can say what he topic is)

Sefwch i fyny

(enw) sut wyt ti* *or a question relating to your topic (tywydd etc.) Then children reply and then their answer gets graded by Helpwr Heddiw.

Hapus 1 cam

Dw i'n hapus 2 cam

Dw i'n hapus achos mae hi'n heulog. 3 cam

Da iawn _______ pawb wedi gorffen


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